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App Logo Revised Final copy-02.png


During the spring semester at Baldwin Wallace, I took a course that centralized around logos and symbols in graphic design. This project was the final project for this course and required the students to build a mock-up app for a small business of our design. 

I took a business plan I designed in one of my previous entrepreneurship courses and created the app around this business. The goal was to create an app interface that spoke to the 70's vintage nature of the brand while also being user-friendly. All icons and elements were designed in Illustrator before creating the pages in Photoshop and then building the app mock-up in Marvel App.

goals of app design


This logo was revised a few times due to the unique nature of the coloring and font choice. The previous revision had no emphasis on the first letter but this was changed after a critique in which provided feedback saying the logo needed something more memorable for the sub logo.

The sub logo was designed to include the elements of the primary logo and still give the retro feel.

App Elements-Finale-01.png

color panel

This color panel was developed from market research and inspired by retro 70's design. I wanted the app to be colorful and groovy while also still being a modern interpretation of this design age. 

I chose the primary colors based on what would provide the most contrast to increase the accessibility of the app.


All icons were designed in Illustrator and had a primary focus on emulating the round, large nature of 70's design. The use of secondary colors was essential in creating all the product icons so as to not lose the context of what they are supposed to represent.

They were also designed in black and white to ensure they met all the requirements of an icon and can be used in different accessibility platforms.

App Icons Revised Final copy-01.png
App Icons Revised Final copy-02.png

app mock-up

When moving through the mock-up, click through the tabs as if you were in the app. Not all elements are active because this was a school project with a tight deadline. If you click on an element that is not active, the program will highlight the active elements on the page.

project reflection

I absolutely loved this project, but the timeline was extremely tight with the sheer number of elements that had to be designed. I ended up designing 6 more icons than what was required of the project. This being said, there are a few aspects that I would improve if I were to do the project again. The primary attributes I would change would be adding more active elements to the mock-up and adjusting the colors in the interface to be less abrasive when browsing. Aside from those changes, I believe all goals of the project were successfully achieved.

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