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Taking skills learned in my typography class, I took initiative outside of the classroom to create a project to give back to the Columbia High School Softball program. I decided to create a brochure so the coach would have a physical document to give to his players to read and follow outside of the season. After completing the brochure, I used this same research and overall aesthetic to design an Instagram Infographic for my Logos & Symbols course.

This beginner's guide was created as a means to provide beginner information to high school athletes. The goal was to cover, equipment to start with, example exercises per muscle group, a lifting schedule, and briefly review other important topics. 

goals of assignment

Do You Lift Bro_.jpg

brochure design process

 I wanted the guide to be aesthetic and modern while also feeling safe and welcoming. Because my target audience at the time was so specific, I wanted to be inclusive and simple when designing to ensure representation. I also wanted to make sure the trainer matched the overall branding of the guide as well. 


After determining my overall design vision, I started to build the guide in InDesign. I built the guide with a similar format to one of my previous graphic design brochure projects (Scotland: The American Guide). I used Procreate to design the trainer I envisioned and used all the tools taught in my previous courses. My coach loved the guide and thanked me for my time and effort. 

infographic design process

The supplementary infographic was designed in my Logos and Symbols course the following spring. This infographic could be used by a fitness influencer or someone looking to provide the same information in a more basic format. The design changes you see are based on my feedback from the class as well as my professor. 


project reflection

As you can see, there is a stark difference between my brochure and my infographic. I am planning at some point in the near future to go back and make all the same changes to my brochure. I am excited to see what it would end up looking like with 2x the amount of pages and topics as the infographic!


I loved doing this project, considering it started as a passion project. I was also intrigued by the development of the design once it was in a classroom setting. I personally believe that critiquing in that environment is the most beneficial when developing a design such as this one.

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