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This project was the final project of my Typography course. I wrote all the copy myself based on my own research. I created this 5 x 5 brochure from scratch in InDesign. All images were sourced from free image sites such as and The reason I chose this topic was to nod to my family's heritage. 

The reason for this assignment is to practice all the
skills needed to present the elements and principles
of typography. 

goals of assignment

Type-Scotland Brochure.png

scotland: an american guide

The entirety of the brochure is shown to the left in high resolution. It was crafted from intensive research and weeks of design critiques and revisions. The brochure files were submitted for a final grade in my topography class as well as a physical brochure printed and crafted by hand. You can see a mockup of this brochure in the process book below.

concept and process book

This document was created to showcase the process I took to create the brochure you see above. It also explains every design decision I made when representing my topic. We did not have as much time to complete this process book as we did the brochure. In a perfect world, I would return to this document and make a few alterations to the design to look cleaner.

Type-Process Book Images.png

project reflection

I am very proud of this project because of the time and energy I put into it. I also felt very passionately about the topic and had a lot of fun during the process. It is now being used as an example for future classes on what this project should look like. 

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