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PMS Logo-04.png


The family sports logo was my final project for my Logos & Symbols course. We were to not only create a logo, but we had to design and define the brand we developed.


The prompt for this assignment was to pick an activity that you do with "family" whether that be friends, relatives, and other significant people. We then developed a brand based on a sports team design. This meant the logo was allowed to have a few more details and maybe an extra color due to the design of the sporting industry.


After we developed our brand and our logo, the main purpose of the assignment was to create brand guidelines. These guidelines would be used by the company to determine how to use their branding. I chose an annual camping trip to Cooksforest, PA.


primary logo

Cooksburg Campers Primary Color Logo
Cooksburg Campers Primary Black and White Logo
Cooksburg Campers Primary Reversed Black and White Logo

secondary logo

Cooksburg Campers Secondary Color Logo
Cooksburg Campers Secondary Black and White Logo
Cooksburg Campers Secondary Reversed Black and White Logo

brand guidelines

This document was created to showcase the process I took to create my brand. The name of the team is "Cooksburg Campers." I chose this name because depending on whom you ask in the family it could either be Cooksforest or Pinecrest-both located in Cooksburg, PA. This annual camping trip was taken by my significant other's family and I have had the pleasure of attending for the last 5-6 years. This annual trip started when the parents were children and has continued to this day. The family is receiving t-shirts, similar to the mockup crew necks at the end of the guidelines for this year's camping trip.

FSL Brand Guidelines.png

project reflection

I loved working on this project because it combined both branding and design, two areas I am very passionate about. This project influenced me to consider going back to school and getting a full graphic design degree. It was also moving to know that the family was going to use this design to commemorate their camping trip as well as their brother who past some years back with the number on the back.

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