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I participated in Vitamix's summer work program every summer from 2017-to 2018. Then in 2019, I was eligible to be considered an "intern." All three years I helped with miscellaneous tasks and projects, learning how an in-house marketing department functioned and how each department works with the other. 

In 2019, I was given a series of projects to manage, each unique in its benefit to the department. Most of these projects were either social media-focused, branding-focused, or research projects needed to decide if an action was viable for the company. Below are the top five projects I worked on during my time at Vitamix Corporation.

project outline

Image by Dose Juice

audience research:
usda report


project 1: responsibilities

I was responsible for providing an analysis of the USDA's findings to determine if there was value in Vitamix leveraging this research for future marketing efforts. After analyzing the study, I produced a report for my supervisor, with an analysis of the USDA report for future decision-making.

project 2: responsibilities

I was tasked to take the data gathered by the marketing team to decipher the social gourmet persona. The data provided to me were the top brands this demographic was drawn to and I was asked to analyze why these brands drew in this demographic. The top 5 brands listed were: Men's Health, Adidas, Whole Foods, Xbox, and Spotify.

Image by DRAKE’s TAKES

brand persona research


Image by Vicky Ng


pinterest revamp


project 3: responsibilities

For this project, another intern and I worked together to revamp Vitamix's Household Pinterest account to become consistent with the current branding standards. We teamed up for this project purely because of the sheer number of posts that needed to be tested, grouped, and then fixed. We split all responsibilities evenly for this project.

project 4: responsibilities

I was to create a hypothetical plan that would then be analyzed by the marketing team to see whether this idea provided enough viability to be taken to the next action stage.

Researched Viability Factors

  1. Permits/Regulations

  2. Execution

  3. Employment

  4. Recipes/Ingredients 

  5. Supplies 

Woman Shopping

campaign viability:
black friday


Image by Andre Benz

asian market entrance evaluation


project 5: responsibilities

This project was to determine if it was more profitable for Vitamix to reenter the Asian market directly rather than through distributors. I was given data by my supervisor to review and analyze. I then was to write a report and present my findings to the head of the marketing department and other leaders in the organization.

internship reflection

The internship experience I had at Vitamix Corporation was interesting, diverse, and immersive. I learned skills outside of the scope of my major and minors. It was an extremely valuable experience to learn more about the in-house marketing department structure and the diverse positions that go into creating a fully functioning department. 

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