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This project was completed for my Graphic Design 1 course during the fall semester of 2020. These designs were created for a hypothetical business. We were asked to design a logo with all the attributes and files needed if we were to actually present this logo to a client. We did not complete a brand guide for this project because it was so new to us, but I created one for another logo project (family sports logo).

process steps

final logo design

Lovie's Creamery Reversed Black and White Logo
Lovie's Creamery Color Logo
Lovie's Creamery Black and White Logo

project reflection

This project was my first introduction to graphic design. I loved the way the logo came out and I am a bit nostalgic about how my designs have changed and developed since this project. 

My graphic design minor began with a logo project and ended with a logo project. Check out my family sports logo to see my progress in this area
of design.

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