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Artesian Tan came to the DMC (Digital Marketing Clinic) on Baldwin Wallace's campus to gain a refresh on their social media strategies. I as well as a group of digital marketing majors was assigned to Artesian Tan to tackle this project. My focus was Pinterest while each of the other group members also worked on the other social media platforms simultaneously. The main goals of this project in relation to Pinterest were to increase awareness and define whether there was room for growth on the platform. 

goal of relaunch

The importance of this project was due to the typical low Q4 sales for tanning and other seasonal beauty companies. Pinterest is also a vital platform for the health and beauty industry because of the high level of female users.  It also aids in the sale of products through the platform as well. As you can see in the key findings from my research, 83% of users have made purchases because of brand content. Artesian Tan was 


new branding approach

When approaching this strategy, I wanted to make sure there was a key shift in Artesian Tan's branding through social media. A good portion of their content was outdated based on societal shifts. I wanted to ensure Artesian Tan did not fall behind on its image in the industry.


The tanning industry has been extremely exclusive for years with the notorious skinny body and bleached-haired models. Spray tanning specifically also has a bad reputation for causing orange and "fake" looking tans. To step out of this mold, I designed the new posts to be centered around the inclusivity of body types as well as an organic, natural look to all tans.

pinterest posts

my responsibilities

  • Research Pinterest best practices to create a guide for future posting

  • Edit and revamp Artesian Tan's Pinterest account

  • Maintain Pinterest account posting and scheduling  throughout the rest of the internship

I was an account specialist for BW's Digital Marketing Clinic and a part of the group in charge of Artesian Tan's digital marketing needs. I was solely in charge of Artesian Tan's Pinterest and completed all research, client communications, and project completion for Artesian Tan.

the results




total audience




engaged audience

I successfully increased Artesian Tan's Pinterest account from 11k monthly viewers to 168.7k in a few weeks. I also achieved a new look and voice for the brand for this platform. Belinda informed me this also improved site visits and an increase in sales during their slow season due to the Pinterest improvements. 


Several posts received over 2k impressions and 1-2 posts received over 10k impressions. 


Created a new page called "Self-Love" where Artesian Tan celebrates everyone's body in an attempt to step out of the exclusive identity the tanning industry has.  

programs used

Social Media Apps
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