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This fall I consulted a micro-influencer on what branding looks like for her and her small business. After several meetings, I put together this branding workbook to help her organize all her conceptual thoughts for her brand in one place.


I used graphic design skills, and digital marketing concepts and compiled knowledge from previous freelance clients to put together this simple and easy-to-use workbook. It is designed to be used by influencers and small businesses who have no experience of knowledge of branding.

goals of branding workbook

Who Even Are You_.png

who even are you?

The entirety of the workbook is shown to the left in high resolution. This workbook was crafted with a simplicity-focused mindset. The goal is to introduce this interactive workbook to clients who have minimal to no understanding of branding. More resources are provided for independent research, however, further guidance would be offered when providing this source to clients. It is also offered as an interactive pdf for ease of use.

project reflection

I plan to continue moving forward and building this workbook into a full guide that I can provide to freelance clients with minimal guidance from me. This will streamline the onboarding process and allow me an in-depth and organized reference book for me as we move forward with a branding and/or marketing consultation. 

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